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Personal data collected by Amazon

Personal data collected by Amazon

Digital Privacy
callendarDecember 20, 2019

Amazon asks for various personal information to confirm your identity and provide you with the best customer service.

Personal data collected

Amazon collects a lot of your personal data. For example when you search for a product, buy something on Amazon, provide information in your account or profile, contact Amazon, use their services, create or edit a wish list or give a review, Amazon is collecting data from you. They collect your IP address, login, email address, browser type and version, time zone settings, operating system, purchase history, URL information, date and time website was accessed, cookie number, products that you viewed or searched for, the phone number you used if you call their 800 number, and more.

Personal data usage

Amazon uses data to:

  • Prevent fraud.
  • Keep you logged in.
  • Provide their services.
  • Let you use their 1-click buying feature.
  • Tailor advertisements to your buying and viewing habits.
  • Keep items in your cart.

Cookies and similar tech

Amazon uses cookies, flash cookies, and JavaScript to prevent fraud and to measure and collect session information. They may also collect technical information to identify your device for diagnostic purposes. Cookies allow Amazon to provide the 1-click buying feature, personalize advertisements, and keep items in your shopping cart.

Amazon account

If you sign up for an Amazon account, you will have access to many of the website’s features. For example: You can buy or sell products online, leave reviews and stars on products you buy or view, put items in your cart and save them for later so you don’t lose them, sign up for kindle unlimited to view books online for free, and use Amazon Instant Video. There are a lot of benefits to signing up, if the website has what you are looking to buy or for selling your own items. You can also sign up for Amazon prime which allows you to have free 2-day shipping on most products along with access to movies and tv shows on Amazon Instant Video.

How to protect your privacy

There are many ways to protect your privacy while using Amazon, for example:

  • You can change your settings on your profile and account information.
  • Withhold your billing information.
  • Not sign up for an account.
  • Disable location services on your mobile.
  • Do not use Amazon on your phone.
  • Do not use any Amazon apps on your phone.
  • Delete your Amazon account.

How to contact Amazon about your privacy

You can contact Amazon via their website by signing into your account.